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STEP Plus Safety Excellence Academy - Nov. 6 & 7

The STEP Plus Safety Excellence Academy, launched in 2012, is designed to help attendees understand the importance of leadership commitment, cultural transformation and safety management processes in achieving a zero-incident jobsite. The Safety Academy is different from any other safety training you’ve experienced; it goes beyond the “technical” side of safety and explores the emotional and behavioral components that take safety from one of many priorities to the core value upon which all decisions are based. This in-depth, two-full-day exploration of what it takes to transform your safety culture and mindset will be led by leaders from both contractors and owners, and will establish the trajectory of your organization towards world class safety performance.

Registration is $395 and limited to 30 participants. This event is separate from Institute, so participants need only register for the Safety Academy to attend. To register, click below.

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"I am a former EMT-Cardiac, EMT Instructor, CPR Instructor and Advanced Life Support Pre-Hospital Instructor. I thought that with my credentials, I knew it all about safety. This past week proved me wrong and thankfully so. The program is long overdue. This program is going to do for construction what MADD did for drunk driving. It’s going to save unheard of numbers of workers from injury and death. It’s going to save many business owners, leaders and managers many sleepless nights and money. It would be a great thing to know that no one might ever have to be told that their brother, father or husband (sister, mother or wife) will never be coming home because of something that could have been prevented!”

Skip Wolfford
President - David M. Wolfford & Son, Inc. Culpeper, Virginia

STEP Plus Academy Trainer

Interested in becoming a STEP Plus Safety Excellence Academy Trainer? Contact Chris Williams at for more details!